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Whether a video has the quality you want or gets across the points you need will most often depend on how pre-production is handled. Pre-production helps to make productions run to budget!

Its like putting a team together to get the best results; we're going to do our best at getting great footage and putting people and ease; you're going to get your people and products in the right place at the right time.

There are some very simple principles to follow for best results:

  • Are your people prepared? -- for example a shot might start at 10:00, if they're thinking about what to say and show at 09:55 there's going to be a lot of time taken and takes to sift through in post production. On the other hand, avoid being so well rehearsed that you sound wooden.
  • Is everything clean and tidy? -- the camera tends to see everything, anything dirty, missing or misaligned on the set is costly to fix in post production. You may be suprised at how much time we spend tidying stuff up to make the shot right.
  • Does everything work? -- We're often making videos of prototype or concept products, using crew time getting this stuff ready is costly.
  • Are the right things in the right place? -- Can we get the products in the best locations (longer leads, stands, etc.)

How we can help

At the project planning phase, we'll be listening to what you want to achieve from video production and thinking about the techinical solutions or any challenges that might arise. We can produce scripts for review, and these can be used with our teleprompt system for those that like to keep direct eye contact with the camera.

Then we'll look at the products and the locations you have available. Quite often demonstrations are required, this might involve talking through menus in software, or more practical work, for example wiring or configuring equipments. If necessary we'll get involved in making sets and rigs to suit.

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