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What to do with a wet Easter bank holiday weekend

A Wet Easter bank Holiday

I've been quite inspired by the short FTL "Faster than Light" which you can see for yourself here: FTL on Vimeo

I did some research and estimated that arounf 400 days of effort went into that film, it's a little hard to tell since Adam Stern owns a special effects company with around 20 employees. But it made me realise that 400+ days is about what it takes to put 16 minutes of quality onto the screen. So with a wet Easter holiday on the cards I got down to prop making. Here's the haul of parts:

Haul of parts from the Easter break

For the most part I was inspired by the Prusa I3 Mk3 printer that had just been delivered. It came straight of the box and worked first time and then for the next 10 jobs in a row - many pleased indeed. I'm particularly pleased with the surface finish, which is the best I ever had from 3D printing. I made my first two colour prints, perfect first time!

One of the first prints was the Easter Egg torture test from Makers Muse, this is essentially three eggs, each inside each other. When finished the inner two should rotate with the outer shell. I'm happy to report that this was the case directly from the printer.

Prusa I3 Mk3 hard at work

I also got some EVA foam in the post on the Saturday. Within 30 minutes I'd worked out the cutting and engraving settings for this material. Inspired by those results I've placed a hefty order on poly props Poly Props . This will be for dense foam up to 10mm, which I believe will laser cut well.

As further inspiration I've been following the workings of Bill Doran at his YouTube channel Punished Props.

I have an Roland EGX-300 Engraver from years ago, I tested this kind of engraving up against the laser cutter. The main issue I ran into was the age and capability of the DrEngrave software, which runs on a Windows 2000 system which still has a parallel port to drive the EGX-300. I'm seriously considering the possibility of gutting this Engraver to use Linux CNC so at least I could get a DXF file to it.

At one point I had the I3 and the ZED Maker (From Alex Gibson) and the laser cutter running, all very productive and many iterations were tried.

The ZedMaker Mini from Alec Gibson making a larger part

Plenty of time was spent with Fusion 360, some of the parts that you see in the first image are for a multi screen stand prop:

The Multi ScreenStand Prop
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