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the BMCC 4K against the 2.5K

BMCC Differences in colour rendition

This is the same frame taken from the BMCC Production Camera and the BMCC 2.5K Camera. Both cameras we set to the following:

  • ISO 400
  • 180 Degree Shutter Angle
  • White Balance 3200K
  • F3.7 and F3.5 2.5K/4K
  • BMCC 2.5K set to 2.5K Raw /Film
  • BMCC 4K set to ProResHD /Film
The lighting was Kinoflo 3200K tubes.

Taken with BMCC 2.5K
Taken with BMCC 4K

Both were processed in Resolve with identical WB settings. Both have had the BMCC Camera Film to Rec709 LUT applied. The orange shirt is one of the most telling elements. On the BMCC 4K it looks around the right colour but on the BMCC 2.5K it looks washed out.

Of course both cameras have different sensors, however we were surprised at the degree of difference between the two cameras. These will need some significant grading before they'll match!

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