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Testing Some LED Sheet from LEDLightSheet (Applelec)

LED Light Sheet Versions

I received some exquisitely packaged samples, one at 3100K and the other at 5200K, the samples are no more than 120mm square, so there's not much that can be done with them on a professional basis.

Anyway, these are billed as 95 CRI LEDs so I was curious to find out just how well they worked. For a subject I got Clover to make a small painting with solid blocks of primary colour. We then photographed them in Sun, Shade and later on in the day with the 3100K and 5200K samples. ALL photos were made using a DAYLIGHT white balance.

Here are the reference sun and shade images:

Taken in Sun as a reference Taken in Shade as a reference

The next two images were taken with a DAYLIGHT white balance, BUT in Aperture the colour temperatures where adjusted to 3100K and 5200K accordingly. In both cases the Tint was set to 0:

Taken using 3100K LEDLIGHTSHEET Taken using 5200K LEDLIGHTSHEET

Whilst there are obvious differences between these images, we can see that the colour rendition is strong on both the 3100K and 5200K versions.

For interest here are the images UNCORRECTED for white balance:

3100K Uncorrected5200K Uncorrected
Taken using 3100K LEDLIGHTSHEET, uncorrected Taken using 5200K LEDLIGHTSHEET, uncorrected

Here's a practical still-life lit from below:

Still Life lit from below

And here's the product:

LED LightSheet Package
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