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The China Light

After reading a post on the personal-view forum by Vic Harris (no relation) I decided to put together a chinese lantern style light. At the time I hadn't realised that it was one of the key lighting techniques used in the film 'American Hustle.'

So we started with two baked bean tins fresh from the dishwasher. These were glued together with thin cyano, the first attempt failed, for the second try we sanded the mating edges with a sheet of wet'n'dry on a flat marble surface. This was much better! a very strong bond. Here we are just after the gluing stage:

two cans bonded with cyano and weighted down

The next stage was to wind the LED strip around the cans. From a note in Vic's post I thought there might be a need to add a green strip in the future so I left enough space to accomodate this possibility. Here we are after the LED strip has been added:

two cans with LED strip under test

Using a bench power supply we made a test of how sensitive the LED strip is to voltage and current control. We chose 12.6V because this is the value of a fully charged 3 cell LIPO. Here's that test:

LED Strip driven at 12.6V drawing 2.37 amps

Before we get down to any serious testing, here's an overview of the light and a test shot, outside ambient is an overcast morning, camera set to 3200K:

whole LED light on stand test shot, outside ambient is an overcast morning.

Testing update

Here's a short video test we made using the BMCC at ISO800 and f3.7:

And here's the corrections that were needed in Davinci Resolve 10.1

Colour Correction Settings

Colour is a wierd thing with youtube sometimes, so here's a screen grab from Resolve:

Screen Grab from Davinci Resolve
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