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Kit and Capabilities


We carry all the specialist equipment necessary for corporate and technical work, including niche kit such as aerial and underwater video.


Some Equipment


We've just taken delivery of a BMCC 4K camera and have upgraded our workflow to suit.

Everything we do is in HD and above using a variety of cameras at ultra-high bit rate and RAW, for example the BMCC 4K and 2.5K and a Canon 5D MkIII (Running Magic Lantern for RAW). We use the best 'L' series lenses and have the whole range from fish-eye to 300mm f2.8L. Engineering work often demands images and video of very small components, we have specialist macro lenses and rack focus units. To cover the on the move work, we use the GoPro HD Hero 3 (and the latest 3+ version), Sony RX100, Contour 1080P HD and a hacked GH2.

Lighting and Movement

Much of video production is about lighting and camera movement, so we have a great selection of lights, diffusers and stands. We use DMX controlled colour picking lighting for adding visual interest to backgrounds. For movement we use a Cambo Artes Customised crane along with motorised slides, steadicams and an EVO S800 hexacopter for aerial work. We keep a wide range of clamps an suction mounts for attaching to vehicles etc.

Our motorised slides are programmable and repeatable, just the thing for dynamic visuals during timelapse sequences.

We have our own 3m x 3m Green Screen rig along with other specialist kit such as a teleprompter and 360 Degree lit turntable.


Sound is often overlooked in corporate work, not so in our case. We run a range of portable multichannel digital recorders and use high quality microphones from Rode and Shure. We happily handle multiple people and challenging soundscapes.

We've a wide range of musical and sample loops for creating background and incidental music thats both effective and royalty free.

Post Production

We're set up for a RAW work flow with complete control of colour. We build our own titles, animations and 3D models so that we're a one stop shop for complete productions.
We use Davinci Resolve 10 for colour correction and Final Cut Pro and Apple Motion with a full set of Core Melt Plugins for mastering.

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