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Review of Kineflo Celeb 200

About three months ago I got a call from my friend Anthony Bert, he was going to look for a good 'cinematic' light and had arranged a demo in London.

Being interested in lights I went along for the ride. Amongst all the lights demonstrated was a single Kineflo Celeb 200. I remember thinking at the time that it seemed to work well and was obviously easy to set up in terms of colour temperature and dimming. In particular it had the ability to dim to fractional percentages.

Side Knob of Celeb 200

Months later and I'm thinking about ways to speed up my work, in particular on set where I seem to lugging tonnes of kit around. I have some Kinoflo 4ft tubes that always seem delicate and take a while to run out the cables, I find that I have to chose the colour temperature before I set off.

So, a little research later an I've bought 2 Celeb 200. I did consider just the one and I thought about hiring them. For me I just prefer to have the kit, have it ready to go, particularly for projects that I do only when the time and energy are available.

So here they are in their flight cases (there are travel cases, but I've not worked out what they look like)

Celeb 200 flight cases

I started by setting them up an home and just watching the family go by and how they looked. Then I fitted the honeycomb louvres to see how well light cound be controlled on a subject and kept off the background. I found the control to be great, but a the cost of light output attenuation.

One of my main goals was to get the Celeb 200 battery powered. When working in offices and events I find the time taken to make everything health and safety compliance quite onerous and half the time you can't find a working socket anyway! Its also time that I could spend talking with the client or presenters. A pair of Celeb 200's are not cheap, and the dual V-Lock battery solutions are eye wateringly expensive.

4300mAh Battery and cable for Celeb 200

Since I spend a fair bit of time flying Quad and Hexacopters, I have a selection of 6S LiPos available, these deliver between 22.2 and 25.2 volts and so are right in the sweet spot of the Celeb 200 18-28VDC requirements. Trouble is, raw LiPos have an enormous fault current, so the first test I made was to create some cables with in-line 6.15A quick-blow fuses. I made a quick test and found that at 22V the Celeb 200 draws 4.8 Amps at 100% output. This drops to 2.6 Amps for 50% output, from this we can deduce that the dimming circuits are well designed.

In real use, a 4300mAh 6S Lipo is good for a 1hour 20 minutes at 50%, you'd expect more but deep discharging LiPos is not such a good idea.

4300mAh Battery and cable for Celeb 200

For a 'real' test we decided to make a little test based around a script I've had knocking about for a while. I wanted to choose a location where external daylight would normally overpower the Kinflo tubes. Furthermore I wanted to be able to balance the colour temperatures to the point where the Celeb 200s matched the external daylight. This was for that naturalistic 'not lit' look. For this test I used the 60 and 90 degree louvres, the 90 on the key light and the 60 on the side light. The key light was set to about 70% and the side to just 14%.

So here's the test.

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