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Corporate Example Videos

Osirium Switch Graphic Animated

This graphic gives a quick visual overview of what the client's product does.

It represents about 6 hours effort including a couple of rounds of client approval and changes.

Osirium Cisco Environment Product Video

This video shows how the client's product is used in a Cisco environment to create well managed, secure and recorded access for SysAdmins and external third parties to sensitive internal systems.

It took around 4 days effort to script, film, title and revise. There are a number of techniques used here, specifically lighting, off screen recording, green screen, room rental, clean sound etc.

Lyndon Poskitt Racing

Lyndon had completed the Dakar rally in 2013 and was looking for new racing challenges for 2014. This video has the dual roll of keeping Lyndon's sponsors up to date as well as promoting Wern-Ddu quarry as a venue for off road sports.

It was filmed in one day, with one director and 3 volunteers. It has some great crane shots as well as the novel technique of using a self levelling gimbal on a long pole. Of particular note is the sound quality on what was a very well and windy day. It you view at the highest resolution you can see the sheets of rain in places.

This video shows how an idea can be translated from a concept - "A day's practice at my favourite place" - into something that lets sponsors know that Lyndon is working hard and gives something back to the venue owners.

Animated Logo

This is an example of building a 3D model from a 2D logo. The virtual camera then moves around the model.

It was done to test a concept, and that Apex are very close to our office and would make an interesting client!

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