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From fashion retailing to software and electronics, users buy more and feel more engaged with your products when they see them on video. We have bespoke lit turnables that give great 360º product shots. We make it affordable for you to add video to your ecommerce site through innovative charging models.

Showing a concept

Its often helpful to explain the concepts behind a product so as to distinguish it from others or bring forward a great feature.

Specialist Video work

Aerial Video adds another dimension to product promotion where the items are large e.g. Cars, Buildings and Exhibitions. Imagine one of our expertly piloted and insured hexcopters sweeping smoothly around your subject. The resulting footage is visually arresting.

S800 EVO Hexacopter

Here's our S800 EVO Hexacopter during flight testing with a Sony RX100 MkII camera. For production work we use a bigger gimbal and either GH2 with a Driftwood patch or a BMCC raw. We've adapted the Hexacopter for dual transmitter control, one for flight and one for the camera gimbal

Our team can handle a range of underwater subjects using RecSea housings and HD cameras.

More Examples
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